If you are cosplaying do you have to enter the costume contest? I really don't want to due to my anxiety

Of course not! You can just cosplay for the fun of it! No entry to the contest is necessary. ;)

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Hey Princess Poutine! Do you know where the best poutine is closest to the convention?

One of my guards tells me that the food court in Richmane Centre mall that may have the treasure you seek. Something about an A & a W. Who comes up with these places anyway? And why is New York in Richmane? I thought that was in Toronto?

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Princess Poutine, can I hug you? You are so adorable.

Hugs are indeed welcome! A word of caution though: gravy can both smell and stain if not dealt with quickly! Just be sure to ask the guards for some detergent on the way out. ;)

'The Changeling Invasion, Part 11 - The Battle'

Of course you realize, IT. IS. ON.

Thanks to Wavier, Carot and Suki!

Save now on your weekend passes before they jump up to $60 at the desk!

OHHHHH. Ok, so if they don't sell out during online registration, the tickets for the ice-cream social will be available for additional purchase at the desk where we pick up our badges - but individually from the online memberships? Any idea how much they'll be? :'3

They should be more or less the same price at the desk.

As a first time BronyCAN attendee, what can I expect? Are there any tips? I'm so nervous and excited!

Ah yes, first convention jitters. We all experience them when we enter big events like these for the first time. Fortunately there are ways to get around this problem and there are simple things to keep in mind while you attend.

  • First of all, our staff is more than willing to help guide you around the venue and is there to help resolve a situation. If you have difficulties navigating the hotel or if you’re having issues with other attendees, contact the nearest staff member and we’ll attempt to help resolve it.
  • Remember that schedules are not necessarily concrete. Events can be added, moved around, or canceled at the last moment. We’ll be making an effort to keep people informed both online and on-site if the schedule changes at all.
  • Consider using the buddy system. If you haven’t already, convince a friend or relative to join alongside you while at the convention. That way you can find someone to fall back to if things get hairy. That, and you can have a partner well in reach for one of our interactive events!
  • Follow the 6-2-1 rule: have at least six hours of sleep, two full meals, and a shower to ensure you everyone around you have a great time!
  • Most importantly, just have fun! That’s what we’re all here for. Settle in to a panel, play a few games, listen to live music, or just hang with the people you love. Wherever you go in the venue, get out there and enjoy yourself!

Hope this helps, and we’ll see you in three weeks!

ANNOUNCING: VAs Andrew Francis, Sam Vincent & Richard Ian Cox + Last Night in Suburbia Panel

There are less than 30 days before BronyCAN arrives, but that doesn’t mean we’re finished adding exciting new events and guests to our show! We are excited to announce that veteran voice actors Andrew Francis (Shining Armor, not pictured), Sam Vincent (Flim), and Richard Ian Cox (Snails) will be attending BronyCAN as our latest guests of honor! This talented trio will be hosting a panel about a new film they are collaborating on, titled Last Night in Suburbia, and be present on Saturday to meet their fans (i.e. you!) and sign autographs.

The panel will take place at 3-4PM on Saturday (Aug. 23). Check below for a description of what’s in store!

Last Night in Suburbia is a film in pre-production, being produced by Sam Vincent, written and directed by Richard Cox and co-produced by Andrew Francis. Ashleigh Ball is also chipping in by producing and contributing vocals to the soundtrack. Sam, Richard and Andrew will be giving us the lowdown on their newest project and answering some questions along the way. The film is about a close group of friends who are separating after summer holidays and are spending their last night together at a house party (Pinkie Pie is jealous already). Join us as we learn about their collaborative effort that will be filming this September!

your awesome!

Princess Poutine agrees with you!

I’ll get the paper towels…